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How To Hang A Canvas

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How To Hang A Canvas
One of the simplest ways to make your rooms even more cosy and comfortable is by hanging artwork. Are you confused about how to hang your canvas?

You aren’t the only one who has doubts. Hanging a canvas can be easy if you follow our simple instructions, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and help you have the perfect set up in less than 5 mins!

What You’ll Need

You may have the following items in your home, if not they can be found at your local hardware store.

The hanging kit includes:

  • 1 x sawtooth bracket
  • 2 x screws
  • 1 x hook
  • 1 x nail
  • 2 x sticky pads (to protect your wall)

Adding Hanging Hardware to a Canvas Painting

Here are simple step-by-step instructions for adding hardware to a canvas.

Step 1:

Collect all necessary materials, including a pencil, ruler, galvanized steel wire, two (2) steel eye screws, and wire cutters.

Step 2:

Place the painting on a clean, flat surface, face down. Be aware of the “top” of the canvas to ensure it is hung upright.

Step 3:

Make a pencil mark about 1/3 to 1/4 of the way down from the top of your drawing. Carry out the same procedure on the other side.

Step 4:

Twist the pointed end of an eye screw against the inside of the wooden stretcher bar until it’s secure. Ensure it is screwed in straight.  

Step 5:

Measure the length of the steel wire by multiplying the canvas width by six or eight inches, then cutting it with wire cutters.

Step 6:

Thread the wire loosely through the eye screws on both ends to resemble the image above. Loop the end of one steel wire under the other segment of the wire.

 Step 7:

Create an upside-down lowercase “g” out of the steel wire by looping it.  Slowly pull the steel wire end under and through the opened loop until it forms a knot and tightens.

Step 8:

As the steel wire’s core is carefully pushed towards the middle of the canvas, it can hit about two (2) or three (3) inches below the canvas tip. Knot the other wire end in the same manner.

Step 9:

Finally, wrap the steel wire ends and you’re done! Simple!

How to Hang Your Canvas Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Mark the Wall

Mark the location of your canvas on the wall with a pencil. Keep in mind that the top of your canvas will be slightly higher than the pencil point.

Step 2: Hammer the Wall Hook Into the Marked Spot

Carefully nail the hook into the pencil-marked area on the wall. If you hammer the nail at a slight angle, the wall will take the brunt of the weight.

Step 3: Attach Your Bracket to the Back of the Canvas

Place it on the canvas’s backside. You choose whether you prefer it to be placed on the top or the sides. Screw the bracket into position with your screwdriver.

Step 4: Hang Your Canvas

Next, take a step back. Is it a straight line? Make any necessary changes. If you have one, use a spirit level to double-check it.

How to Hang a Large Canvas

To hang a large canvas, you’ll need the following tools:

  • The cord
  • The picture hooks (a.k.a. triangular D-rings)
  • The 4 slightly shorter black screws
  • The pair of nails with the red attachments
  1. Secure the picture hooks to the side stretcher bars of the canvas with the four shorter screws, ensuring that each “D” of the D-rings is pointing inward towards the other.
  1. Make a loop by threading the cord through the D-rings and binding it. The cord loop should be loose enough to create a trapezium. The top corners of this trapezium must be within the canvas frame – these corners will correspond to the nail placement on the wall.
  1. Mark the positions on the wall where the nails will be inserted with a pencil. By aligning the location of the nails with the top corners of the cord trapezium, you can determine where your canvas will hang on the wall.
  1. If you’re not confident, use a spirit level to double-check that the nails are on a level plane. Hammer the nails in until you’re satisfied. They must be deep enough so that the protruding segment of each nail does not extend to the width of your frame.
  1. Rest one length of the cord loop on the nails to hang your canvas. Then you’re done!


How Do You Hang an Unframed Canvas?

Attach a wire hook to the back of an unframed canvas painting and secure the hook to the wall with a screw.

How Do You Prepare a Canvas for Hanging?

Always make sure there are no pipes or electric cables hidden beneath the wall when hanging or fixing something to the wall, particularly canvas prints. To be secure, keep a cable and pipe detector with you at all times.

Can You Hang an Unstretched Canvas?

It might surprise you that an unstretched canvas can still be stretched later. It can also be matted or fixed to a wall.

How to Hang a Canvas on a Wall Without Nails?

Instead of nails or screws, you can use picture hanging strips to ensure your canvas stays perfectly against the wall. They are incredibly thin, so they can blend in with your canvas design perfectly. You may also place one in each corner of the canvas to ensure they are place at an equal distance from the wall.

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