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Christian Art Wall Decor

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Christian Art Wall Decor

Christian Art

What is Christianity?

Christianity is the first great religious movement that emerged from Judaism and started around 2 B.C.E. when the followers of Christ were called Christians. From then until today, Christianity has spread across the globe and become the largest religion in the world. 

The history of art

Art began as early as the cave paintings in Lascaux, France, where artists used symbols to depict their beliefs and stories. But, it wasn't until medieval times that people stopped drawing only pictures of things they could touch and see in front of them. Art became much more than just a way of showing what exists outside our body. With time, art was able to show us what we cannot see, but are inside our hearts and souls. Some of the greatest artists have done this better than others.

The Bible and art

When reading the bible, many people may think that the story of Jesus Christ is written down word for word by his disciples, but it's not true! There are many different versions of the Bible, some of which do not even mention Jesus at all. In the 1800s, the King James Version of the Bible was created. However, the KJV does not use any images or anything like that. Instead, it uses words to tell the story of how God saved humanity through Jesus.

 An Icon - A symbol of God's beauty

An icon or holy image can be a representation of Christ on earth, but it can also represent any number of things that are sacred and special to people. These images have been used throughout history in places of worship, religious ceremonies, and private devotional practices. In addition to religious use, icons have often been created simply for aesthetic purposes. Artists create these works of art knowing that they will not only help spread the word about their beliefs but that their work will also bring them some money.

Paintings and Drawings - A Visual Medium for Communicating Ideas

In medieval times, artists painted on wood panels or paper using pigments mixed from natural sources like minerals and dyes. These paintings were sometimes just intended as decoration, or they could serve as instructional tools for children to learn basic skills. Religious themes and stories would often inspire artists to create artworks depicting scenes from scripture. Other than religion, many other topics and ideas inspired artists to create works of art. Some of the best-known examples include Michelangelo's painting of the Creation of Adam, DaVinci's Mona Lisa, and Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Sculpture - A Three-Dimensional Representation of Sacred Objects

The sculpture has become a popular way to express oneself through art since ancient cultures. The first sculptures were usually figurines or reliefs meant to decorate temples and other structures. Later, figures began to be carved out of stone, wood, bronze, and even clay. Modern sculptors can still create works by hand, although techniques have changed over time.

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