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Abstract Wall Art Canvas Print

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Abstract Wall Art Canvas Print

The formal word used for wall art is a mural. Mural is basically a Spanish word that means to be attached to a wall. In the world of art, a mural is a painting or any other art form integrated with a wall or a ceiling. Thus, a mural also informally known as wall art is any combination of graphics that is designed and painted on a wall and sometimes on a ceiling. Wall art techniques can be divided into four main themes, fresco, mosaic, graffiti, and marouflage.

Fresco uses dry-powder pigment infused in water that is applied on a fresh layer of plaster, mosaic is made by sticking small colored stones on the wall, graffiti is made by painting on the wall and marouflage involves canvases placed on walls with the help of adhesive. Each technique has evolved over time and has emerged as an individual art form but generally, they all fall under the category of Wall Art.

Abstract Wall art, as the name suggests, is wall art using abstract art form. Typically, abstract art is based on visual language. It comprises of shapes, colors, lines and even patterns that are used as a medium of expression by the artist. Abstract art is often confused with non-figurative art because of the level of similarity they have however, they are two different art forms. While non-figurative or non-representational art may have a connection with the real world, abstract art is essentially a depiction of an alternative reality and it is not necessary for abstract art to resonate with any ideas of contemporary art styles. This not only includes imagery but colors, styles and patterns as well.

Abstract wall art is mostly used to deliver messages to its viewers. Traces of abstract art is found in almost all wall art techniques but it is most prevalent in graffiti. Graffiti as a medium of expression heavily relies on abstract art style. Three major Abstract art styles are;

Dada: this abstract style was used by artists in the 20th century the critique the socio-economic conditions of the society. It was adopted by many artists after the World War I when artists as well as people felt a disconnect from the society and the destruction it caused.

Action Painting: although it is self-explanatory, action painting involves throwing paints on the canvas or the wall, in case of abstract wall art, to create a complex yet equally mesmerizing image. This again is used to depict the complexities and intricacies of the society.

Non-Objective: nonobjective abstract art is composed without fixating on a certain object. Instead, the artist used shapes and color pallets in a manner that real world emotions are depicted. The interesting thing about non objective art is that it may feel and be viewed as differently by each individual. Thus, each art piece has a unique meaning to its observer. Usually, such pieces are painted on larger scales and can get intimidating at times to its viewers.

Abstract wall art is one of the major art forms that exist in the postmodern world and is practiced more often when compared to other art forms.

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