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Sikh Canvas Prints/Wall Art

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Sikh Canvas Prints/Wall Art

Sikh Religion Origins

Sikhism is the fifth largest organized religion in the world. An individual that adheres to Sikhism is called a Sikh. There are 25 million followers of Sikhism throughout the world. Unlike the other religions, Sikhism is not very old. It originated from South Asia almost 500 years ago. It was initiated by Guru Nanak in 1500 CE. The main teachings of the religion are borrowed from Islam and Hinduism as these were two dominant faiths in the region. Sikh art and culture is an amalgamation of local traditions, faith and beliefs. Moreover, it also features Punjabi tradition as it has its roots from Punjab. 

Usually, people misconceive all Sikhs to be of Punjabi origins however, this is not true. Sikh’s are found throughout the world. Even in its homeland, India, the religion is scattered all over the country with followers from almost every city. Punjab as a birthplace casted a major impact on the art and culture of Sikhism. The province is considered to be the melting pot or cultural hub of India and was a target of Mugal and Persian invasions. Sikh canvas prints also have influence from Mughal and Persian art.

 Sikh Wall Art

Sikh canvas prints exist in various forms and sizes. They are a source of inspiration and motivation for all followers. Only a handful of art is available from the Grur period but other than that Sikh art is prevalent among the community. Sikh canvas prints are used by both schools and gurudwaras to impart knowledge to its followers. It has now become a vital tool that helps Sikh children as well as adults to understand about their Gurus and their religion. Local communities also rely on these prints to preach and understand their history. 

Sikh canvas prints are largely based on pictures of their Guru’s. These have an exalted status and are worshiped as well. Sikh canvas prints also include other art forms such as abstract and realistic art. They are considered as an important learning tool as they are found in Gurdwaras and Schools. Initially Sikh art was restricted to physical art only however, now it has expanded to digital platforms. You can easily find a Sikh art print online. 

There are numerous Sikh artists that have been producing Sikh canvas prints for more than a decade now, Kanwar Singh is a world famous painter that has been producing high class Sikh canvas prints for 15 years. His work is displayed throughout the world. He aims at spreading the historical perspective of Sikhism through his paintings. Similarly, another renowned artist that produces Sikh canvas prints is Bhagat Singh Bedi. He portrays God, the Guru’s and the Guardians in his work. Overall, it can be understood that Sikh canvas prints have a close association with religion. They are used as a medium to narrate and glorify Sikh history. Additionally, they are considered sacred for the community and prints like the images

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