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Nature Wall Canvas Prints

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Nature Wall Canvas Prints

Nature Art

About Nature Art & Paintings

Nature art has been around for many years and can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In fact, the earliest examples of nature art can be found in the ruins of Greece, Egypt, India, China and Rome. Artists have always captured images of their environments through painting and drawing. Because they are interested in capturing nature’s beauty and spirit, artists try to reflect the truth of what they observe. Some of them use techniques that imitate and express nature more accurately than others. 

The History of Nature Painting

Nature painting was born at a time when people were fascinated with the great outdoors. Early humans used natural scenes as inspiration for artwork, using charcoal drawings to capture the natural world. As times changed, nature painting became increasingly sophisticated, incorporating colour into its work. Artists began to paint landscapes, animals, insects, flowers, trees, birds, fruits, fish, rocks, shells, waves, clouds and anything else they saw in the wild. Artists like J.M.W. Turner, John Constable, Caspar David Friedrich, Robert Henri, Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church, George Caleb Bingham, Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper are considered some of the greatest landscape painters from this period. 

Modern Nature Art

In modern times, the term “nature” has expanded beyond the wild landscape to include works created indoors, even those depicting urban settings. There are no restrictions on how nature can manifest in the artist’s mind. It may be painted, drawn, photographed or sculpted. Today, nature art is not only about portraying the beautiful scenery we see out our windows, but also about how we experience the world around us. Through paintings, drawings, photographs and other media, we can connect with nature on a deeper level. We can feel its power, its majesty, its mystery, and its magic. 

Benefits of Nature Art include:

  • Mental Health – Artwork offers us a chance to escape our daily lives and enjoy some peace and tranquillity. Our minds often wander into negative thoughts about our daily lives, work, relationships, etc. When we make time to simply sit down and look at a piece of artwork, our mind begins to wander away from those thoughts and focus on something else. This allows us to have a break from our day-to-day worries.
  • Creativity – When we spend a lot of time looking at things in nature, we allow our brains to relax and start working in a creative way. We begin to think of ways to recreate the patterns, shapes, and colours.
  • Nature Art has always been an influential form of artistic expression around the world. People have always sought out natural environments like forests, beaches, mountains, etc. and painted their impressions thereof. Nature art is often described as being “primitive” due to its lack of formal training and use of natural resources.

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