Turquoise Blue Allah (SWT) Muhammad (PBUH) Set Islamic Printed Canvas Set


• HQ print on 100% Natural Cotton Canvas 280gr/m2
• HQ Ink
• Mirrored edges so you don’t lose any of your image, but still wraps around the support frames
• Stretched on a 3.8cm stretcher bars wooden frame. The image continues around the sides, mirror wrapped.
• Very carefully packaged in 3 protective layers, no damage during transportation.
• Tracking information will be provided as soon as we ship your order.
• Ready to Hang




Looking for a beautiful and inspiring way to decorate your home? Look no further than this Turquoise Blue Allah (SWT) Muhammad (PBUH) Set Islamic Printed Canvas Set. This stunning set features high-quality prints of Allah and Muhammad on 100% natural cotton canvas. The image extends around the sides of the frame, giving you a complete and cohesive look. The set is ready to hang, so you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives at your door. Plus, it makes a great gift for anyone who loves Islamic art and wants to add a touch of beauty to their home décor.

All our sizing is displayed per entire set, when all panels are combined, without spacing included.

Made to Order: Comes already stretched on pinewood Frame with hanging hardware at the back, no additional framing required.

Printed at High Resolution on Professional High Quality Canvas.

A great choice for home, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, hotel, restaurant & office wall decoration etc… Perfect Christmas and New Year gifts for your relatives and friends.

We can offer you canvases with absolutely any images! You can choose any canvas print from the shop or you can order any other picture you want through custom order!

We also make canvases to meet your sizing requirements, please contact us if you require a canvas made to a specific size

Sizes Displayed in Inches

In Islam, Allah (SWT) is the unique, omnipotent and only deity and creator of the universe and is equivalent to God in other Abrahamic religions. According to Islamic belief, Allah is the most common word to represent God, and humble submission to his will, divine ordinances and commandments is the pivot of the Muslim faith.

Muhammad (PBUH) was the prophet and founder of Islam. Most of his early life was spent as a merchant. At age 40, he began to have revelations from Allah (SWT) that became the basis for the Koran and the foundation of Islam. By 630 he had unified most of Arabia under a single religion.

The lead time for all of our products is 5 – 10 days.


Islamic canvas wall art is a beautiful addition to any home. Choose from traditional designs that feature calligraphy and intricate patterns, or modern abstract images that reflect the beauty of nature. The designs are inspired by the Quran and other religious texts.

Select a Size That Fits Your Space

If you plan to hang your canvas print in a large room, choose a size that will fit well within the space. A larger image will take up more room than a smaller one, so make sure you measure the area where you plan to display it before purchasing.


Additional information


Canvas sets (inches), Foamex sets


18 mm depth, Gallery 38 mm depth


12 x 18, 18 x 24, 32 x 24, 30 x 40, A3, A2, A1


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