One of the most prominent features of Islamic art is Islamic calligraphy. Since Islamic visual art is non-representational, Islamic calligraphy is one of the most popular art forms in the Muslim world. It involves writing alphabets that are derived from the sacred Muslim Scripture, The Holy Quran. But it is not solely based on that. Islamic Calligraphy also involved beautifying texts from other languages such as Urdu, Persian, and the Ottoman. Calligraphy in Arabic is also known as Khatt Arbi which roughly translates to Arabic designs or lines. It is commonly believed that Calligraphy became a major art form in Islamic Art because it avoids figurative representation however, this is not the case entirely. Reading and writing have a profound place in the Islamic religion. The first revelation revealed upon the Holy Prophet(PBUH), also stated that the first thing created by God was a pen. Therefore, Calligraphy also has religious importance and is considered a craft of great importance and value.

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