Islamic wall art is not limited to a single faith, period, location, or medium. Instead, it spans over 1400 years, encompasses several territories and populations, and encompasses a wide range of creative disciplines like architecture, calligraphy, and painting. Because many Muslims believe that portraying the human form is worship, and thereby a sin against God, picturing the human form is prohibited in the Qur’an, Islamic religious art is non-figural. In Islamic wall art, calligraphy and architectural features are given religious significance.

In the Middle Ages, the calligraphic design was common in Islamic art, and it can be seen in a broad range of subjects, including architecture and visual arts. It’s no wonder that the word, and its artistic expression, became an essential part of Islamic art in a religion where figural depictions are regarded as an act of worship. The Quran, which is considered to be God’s speech, is Islam’s most significant religious source. In Islamic arts, there are several examples of calligraphy and calligraphic inscriptions relating to Quranic verses.

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