Buddha Canvas and art also depict Buddhas and bodhisattvas. It encompasses historical details of the religion and also elaborated on mythical narratives. Buddhism started in India, however, has now spread all over the world. Some countries where Buddhism is a majority religion include Korea, Japan, Sri Linka, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the other Central Asian States. Therefore, art also faces a cultural shift in all these areas. However, an interesting thing about Buddha canvases is that they follow the same general thematic in all of these regions. India is home to Buddhist art and has some of the finest Buddhist paintings that date back to the earliest phases of Buddhism. The country has seen multiple phases of Buddha art development however as of now, the country is experiencing a declining trend in the creation as well as preservation of Buddha art. On the contrary, Buddha canvas and Buddhist art is a major phenomenon that is celebrated and cherished globally by both the Budh and the non-Budh communities. Buddhist themes are also to be seen in some of the popular artists of the contemporary world such as Bill Viola, John Connell, and Allan Graham.

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