Abstract art is considered to be a recent phenomenon. Abstract art prints use shapes, colors, lines, and even patterns for the display of an artistic expression. This visual art form is regarded as a recent concept because most mainstream abstract art dates back to a hundred or two hundred years ago. However, it is argued that abstract art goes a long way back and abstractions are even present in caves. This is because abstract art is fundamentally a portrayal of an exaggerated reality. It also means that it is not necessary for abstract art to undertake any ideas or borrow any understanding from reality or any other contemporary art forms.

Visual language is the foundation of abstract art. There are three popular abstract art styles that are seen on abstract art prints. These include dada, action painting, and non-objective abstract art prints. Dada abstract art prints were first made in Zurich, Switzerland. This abstract style was used by artists in the 20th century to critique the socio-economic conditions of society. It was adopted by many artists after World War I when artists, as well as people, felt a disconnect from society due to the destruction it caused. Society was disoriented and horrors of war had penetrated deep among the people. As a result, this form of abstraction was used to convey messages of peace and critique about the conditions the war had led them to.

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