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Most abstract art dates back to a hundred or two hundred years ago. However, it is argued that abstract art started within the caves. It was only a hundred years ago that visual art was mainstreamed in a manner that it became a distinct form of art. Visual language is the foundation of abstract art. Shapes, colors, lines, and even patterns are employed by the artist as a medium of expression. Because of their resemblance, abstract art and non-figurative art are sometimes mistaken as the same; nonetheless, they are two distinct art styles. While non-figurative or non-representational art may have a relationship to the real world, abstract art is fundamentally a portrayal of an exaggerated reality. This also means that it is not necessary for abstract art to undertake any ideas or borrow any understanding from reality or any other contemporary art forms.

Three major Abstract art styles are displayed on abstract canvases include;

Dada: this abstract style was used by artists in the 20th century the critique the socio-economic conditions of the society. It was adopted by many artists after the World War I when artists as well as people felt a disconnect from the society and the destruction it caused. The society was disoriented and horrors of war had penetrated deep among the people. As a result, this form of abstraction was used to convey messages of peace and critique about the conditions the war had led them to. 

Action Painting: although it is self-explanatory, action painting involves throwing paints on the canvas, to create a complex yet equally mesmerizing image on the abstract canvas. A common understanding is that the intricate patterns of the paint reflect the complexities of society. Others consider this as a reference to dancing and physical gestures of similar form.  In case of action painting, there is no fixed meaning attached to the image. It’s all about how the viewer feels about it.

Non-Objective: nonobjective abstract art is composed without fixating on a certain object. Instead, the artist used shapes and color pallets in a manner that real world emotions are depicted. The interesting thing about nonobjective art is that it may feel and be viewed as differently by each individual. Thus, each art piece has a unique meaning to its observer. Usually, such pieces are painted on larger scales and can get intimidating at times to their viewers.

Abstract art became a burgeoning concept in the 20th century when artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Cézanne, Gauguin, and Seurat were seen using the style. The quick development of the art form resulted in a huge fan following. Abstract art is one of the most popular contemporary art forms. Artist of the post-modernist world relies heavily on abstract techniques to design abstract canvases. These can not only prove to be a great addition to the décor but are heavily sought after.

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